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Loyalty Point is a promotion in the form of reward points given to customers who buy a product that you sell these points can later be exchanged for the reward products that you have prepared. The purpose of using this loyalty point system is to attract new and old customers to continue to buy your product to get or collect points. In the following article I will explain how to set, activate and use loyalty points.

I. Activate Feature in Setup Page

Step 1.  Go to Setup menu - More Menu - Application 

Step 2. Application Configuration - Loyalty - Save

Do loyalty settings as you wish and then click save.


  Earn Point Amount   Set amount transaction to get one point
  Redem Point Value   Point to be used to get discount for one unit amount
  Decimal Point   Allow decimal point for transaction
  Expiration   Set expiration for loyalty
  Exclusive for Full Price Product   Point can only be user for normal price
  Preffered Payment   Automatically use point for payment
  Mix Cash and Point   Enable to use cash and point for payment

After we do the configuration, all you have to do is activate the loyalty point system at the outlet you want. The steps are as follows:

II. Enable Loyalty Point at Outlet

Step 1.Go to Outlet Menu - Select Outlet

Step 2.  Outlet - General - Enable Loyalty Point ' Yes ' - Submit


III. Earn Point

Step 1. Go to Sell Menu - Input Customer - Input Product - Pay

 Step 2. Total Loyalty Points Earned

IV. Redeem Point

Step 1. Go to Sell Menu - Input Customer - Input Product - Click Loyalty

Step 2. Set Points - Ok 

Enter the number of points you want to use, then press Ok.

The system will discount according to the number of points used.

Information on the use of points used will be printed on the print out invoice.



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