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If the seller wants to know its customers better, or increase profit from recurring reservations. You can give your rewards points to customers.
Follow these easy steps to help you setting up loyalty program for your customers.

1. Enable Member Point for a particular outlet

Go to Outlet - Select Your Branch - Select 'Yes' to the Enable Loyalty Point.

2. Turn ON Configuration

Setup - More Menu - Configuration - Go to 'LOYALTY' tabmenu

Determine the amount to be spent for a customer to receive a point and how much discount will be applied when a point is used.

Spending / Point :  Amount need to be spent to obtain a point
Discount Amount / Point :  Discount received per point used
Exclusive For Full Price Product : Points is given to the transaction without discount
Loyalty Decimal Support
: Point support decimal number


Setup - Moremenu - Application Configuration - Loyalty


"Use Deposit Automatically is every create a new transaction and your member have point before, The transaction will be generated discount from point automatically"

3. Receiving Point

In receipt will be printed as follows:

4. Spending Point ( using point during transaction )

Fill your member name during transaction then click "Loyalty"

Input the point that customer want to use.

Checking customers' point

Contacts - Follow through customer's name, and in the 'Contact Type' section will be shown customer's point

5. Disabling Point For Certain Product.

Go to product - choose variant. Click Edit Type - Go to 'Advanced' tab menu - Choose "No" in enabled loyalty point.



Video Loyalty Point

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