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If your business or business type is engaged in FnB, of course you really need a system that can help communication between the part that receives the order and the part that processes the order (kitchen). Dealpos has a Kitchen Display System (KDS) feature designed to simplify communication to improve kitchen efficiency, reduce errors, and improve the quality of food serving. In the following article we will explain about the Kitchen Displacement System (KDS) on DealPOS

I. Setting Enable Kitchen Display Sistem ( KDS )

Step 1. Select Outlet on Outlet menu

The first time you do is set up Enable KDS in your Outlet.

Step 2. Tab Advance Enabled Kitchen Display 'Yes then Update


II. WPC "Waiting-Process-Completed" and Mode Park

Example : I have order with mode park 

Step 1. Go to Kitchen display menu, it will automatically open new tab menu in your browser

the order thak you pak previously will automatically shown here

2. When a new order received, you automatically will hear a sound, in monitor you can check order with status Active & Waiting, display view, you can choose sorting by category order or outlet.

Step 3. Click "Take" if the order wants to be made and it automatically will be changed to "Preparing"

Step 4. Click "DONE" if the order is ready

Step 5. And Click "SERVE" if the orders are already completed

Step 6. This list has been completed


III. WC "Waiting-Completed" and mode All (Direct Payment)

Step 1. You can Click "Take" to change status order Completed without it needed to be changed to "Preparing"

Step 2.  it will automatically "Done status"


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