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This type of product can be used for Salon, Beauty Clinic and Gym field of works Where they usually have product services that sell with several types of arrival packages. For Example :

1. Creambath 1x with the price of Rp. 50.000

2. Creambath 5x with the price of Rp. 200.000

Step 1. Go to Product Section - Variant - Add New Variant

Fill the information details of the new product in the 'Product Form'. For the type option, choose the 'Prepaid Packages' option. When you're done, just click the 'Save' button.


Step 2. Add Point in Prepaid Packages Product

After you added the Prepaid Packeds product with point system, (see Add New Products section), you need to determine how many points the Prepaid Packages costs and its expiration date by editing the variant of the Prepaid Packages. Just click on the 'Edit' button under the variant's detail. See image below.



Watch Video How to Creating Product with Type Prepaid Packages:

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