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This article explains how you can add a new Prepaid Packages Type to Prepaid Packages products. You Can Follow Steps - The following steps:

Step 1. On the Prepaid Packages Menu "Click" the menu on the top right of your page then "Click" Prepaid Package Type



Step 2. Then "Click" Add to add a New Type Prepaid Packages



Step 3. Then enter the name of the Type prepaid packages that you will add, then enter the Point Burns and Incentive of the type prepaid packages. don't forget to register the outlet for the type of prepaid package then save.

  • Burned Points: This is a number of prepaid package points that will be used in one usage prepaid packages with that type
  • Incentive Point: used to give a bonus to a doctor or assistant who will later handle the prepaid package type



Step 4. When checking in you will be able to see the prepaid packages type that you just created at the bottom of the check in page


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