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The article describe how to use printer LX300 with paper continuous form

1.Create Receipt Templates

Goto menu Outlets -> Tab Receipt Templates -> Add

2. Setup Signature Visible and number of signature

Setup Signature use to display signature at bottom of invoice that work for the signature of the assosiated division. You can also specify how many number of signatures that you need

Goto Setup->More Menu->Printing->General


3. Customer invoice Footer Signature

 Goto Setup->More Menu->Printing->Customer Invoice

4. Delivery Order Footer Signature

 Goto Setup->More Menu->Printing->Delivery




5. Setup Dock Bottom for you Signature

Sometimes you want to create a signature location at the bottom of the invoice. Here's how to setting it. 

Goto Setup->Printing->Customer Invoice

6. Document Visibility

 Goto Setup->Printing->Customer Invoice

Number Visible : show number invoice
Customer Contact Visible : show number phone contact in invoice
Company Visible : show your company in invoice
Customer Email Visible : show customer email in invoice
Customer Entry Time Visible : show customer entry time in invoice
Barcode Visible : show barcode of invoice
Customer Visible : show customer name in invoice
Customer Address Visible : show customer address in invoice
Sales Person Visible : show sales person name in invoice
Invoice Payment Terms Visible : show payment method in invoice 
Invoice Created Time : show invoice created time
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