Setting Up Rounding Amount in Your Payment at SELL Menu

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This article explains how to configure rounding taxes and also total sales. if you make a transaction with the nominal sales that have a commas.

I. Configuration

Step 1. Click Setup - More Menu - Application



Step 2. Click - Math than find Rounding Digit and insert your
Rounding off on Sales for sales and Taxing on rounding up the total tax you want



 1 Rounds up to 1 decimal point
 2 To round 2 numbers after the decimal point
-1 For rounding 1 point in front of the comma
-2 For rounding 2 points in front of the comma


Step 3. After completing adjust it back to sell, your sales will automatically be rounded up

for example here I am using Sales Rounding '1' which is to round up the total sales to 1 digit after the comma



II. Apperance on sell page


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