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This article will explain how to return your sales or purchases using the new item exchange method. This method is used if you want to exchange purchases to the supplier.

I. Return With PO Number

If you want to return a PO number, you can use the following method to do a return based on the PO number

Go to Buy Menu - Click Icon Return - Input PO Number - Ok


After clicking ok the product will be returned with the quantity automatically inputted minus (-). Do pay as a fee to process returns


II. Without PO Number

If you make a return without PO numbers, you can go directly to the buy form then input the product you want to return then give a minus (-) value on the product quantity according to the number of items returned or can right-click on the product then select return and automatic stock becomes minus then click pay to process the return.

Go to Buy Menu - Input Product - Set Quantity Min (-)



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