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For the latest version, you no longer need to go to the setup menu to configure it to bring up additional information on the dashboard menu such as : Inventory Pane, Package Panec Purchase Pane, Debt Pane, Delivery Pane, Tax Toggle. You can immediately bring it up directly in the dashboard menu by following the steps below :

Step 1. Go to Dashboard Menu - Show More Retail Metrics


Step 2. Checklist Additional Information You Want to Show Up - Update


No Pane Name Description
1. Inventory  Track how many products need to be reorder
2. Package  Show info about Package activity
3. Debt  Show info about your Account Recevable and Payable
4. Delivery   Tracking how many product is being delivered
5. Tax Toggle  Show Profit Tax Calculation
6. Purchase Pane  Show info about Purchase activity
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