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Dealpos currently has features that will make you easy to input your products into our system, one of which is to import products using Online Sheet. Using Online Sheet allows you to input large quantities of products directly from the DealPOS web without download and upload files again.


Step 1. Go to Products Menu - Import



Step 2. Online Sheet

Click the arrow icon on the Download Sample button - Online Sheet



Step 3. New Products

Fill the details of product and click 'Save Product' button on top right corner of the screen to submit your products.

In this case i want to input 2 new product in T-Shirt Category so i need to fill the form like this example. It will input 2 new product the first product are T-Shirt and Product name Umbra Style with S variant and product code UMB-017 with Digital Extreme as Supplier, it has Rp. 20.000,- unit cost and Rp.120.000,- unit price with 5 inventory in Outlet 1. And so for Denim Style Product.


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