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Employees Debt Journal is a facility given by the company to its employees to take a portion of the salary to be received first. At the end of the month, the employee's salary will be deducted according to the amount of available cash.

Here's how to create a manual jurnal on accounting Dealpos :

Manual Journal

1. How To Make Employees Debt Journal

If you make a record using a general journal with above case, go to the Journal menu. Then, Click "Manual Journal" and Click Add. You will fill in the form as follows :


2. When Paying The Debt

At the end of the month, the cash you have made will be deducted from the salary of the employee requesting the Cash Receipt. To record the payments on the  cash you provide to the employee, you can record them using the General Journal. To use the Public Journal, follow these steps:

Go to Journal Menu - Manual Journal - Add



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