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For now you can run dealpos aplication on your tablet. You only need tablet device to make a transaction. Dealpos Mobile Apps will make it easy for you to make transactions both offline and online transactions. Here is guide to use DealPOS Mobile Apps,

Step 1. Sign in your account DealPOS and fill username and password


Step 2. Go to the 'Sell' menu.

Within the sell screen, you will see your quick keys to the right of the screen. You can use these, the add (+) button to search by name/code, or enter a product into the register.


Step 3. Add Customers

On the top panel, you can enter the name of your customer (contact list) or use the quick buttons to add new customers.


Step 4. Add Discount

You can use 2 types of discount here. For example : The store has 10% discount and the customer pay with credit card and get an additional 15% discount.  Use this "Discount Amount" if you want to reduce the nominal payment by numbers.


Step 5. Note

To add the note in your invoice.


Step 6. Shipping 

To add the shipping information in your invoice.


Step 7. Clear

To empty your list of sales items.


Step 8. Pay

When you click pay, you will see the payment types that you can choose (Cash or Credit) and choose now or take credit.


Step 9. Park

Make an order as usual, then click the 'PARK' button to push it into the park.




Step 10. Retrieve

To pull back the order, you can click the 'RETRIEVE' button and choose which order you want to edit or add orders.




Step 11. Split Bill

This feature is used when you are in groups with friends, and when there is one of your friends who want the payment to be separate. First you must take park that you have park, then click the split button and select which items will be split, after that park again to the new park and finish your payment.



Step 12. Bill

On the Bill tab, you can add notes before the customer pays.


Step 13. Unpaid

To pull back the order after clicking the bill button, you can pull it from the 'UNPAID' button. Then click 'Pay' for the payment.

In the retrieve section and unpaid section, there is print button beside the delete park order button. That buttons are used for printing the parked orders without opening the order and park it over again. So as for the unpaid section.




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