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Dealpos have a new feature for inventory control to convert sub UOM to Parent UOM. So, now you can convert from available child UOM product to parent UOM product. We will show you how to do it in dealPOS. This step will affecting to your inventory reporting. For more information you can follow these step.

Example Case:
In this case I have an example product named 'Coca-cola'. I have 3 boxes of coca-cola and 19 bottles of coca-cola. 1 Box of coca-cola contains 6 bottles. So, from 19 bottles i want to convert it into 2 boxes. So, current inventory will be 5 Boxes and 7 bottles. Let's just started.

Activate Feature in Setup page

Step 1. Grant user to access adjustment menu


Example as you can see in my inventory I have 3 boxes of coca-cola and 19 bottles of coca-cola. I want to convert 12 bottles of coca-cola into 2 boxes


Step 2. First go to adjustment menu and then click more menu logo, after that click on 'Convert Inventory to Parent UOM' menu mceclip2.png

You will be redirected to this page.


In this page you need to input how many box you want to convert. In this case i only want convert it to 2 boxes. So i will input 2 on the form . After that, just click 'Confirm Adjustment' button on the top right corner. 

Step 3. An Adjustment Info page will show up if you complete it right


Step 4. Now go back to inventory menu.

As you can see here, my inventory will be 5 boxes and 7 bottles now.


I hope you can find this article will be very helpful to you.


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