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Minimum and Maximum inventory is the lowest limit and most limit of a product by outlet. Actually for Minimum inventory previously we called Reorder Point. So you can see the product that must be purchased again if already reached the limit Minimum.


I. Minimum Inventory

1. Click product menu - choose variant and click edit.


Currently you can add minimum inventory between different outlet.

2. Reorder Point

Reorder point (ROP) is limit point / reorder quantity. A company uses ROP to know when they need to hold reservations for their products. It occurs when the amount of supplies that are kept in stock is reduced, so it must be determined how much the minimum level of inventory that should be considered so there is no shortage of supply. ROP usually used for favorite (best seller) products.

The expected number was calculated during the grace period, plus the safety stock (safety stock), which usually refers to the probability or likelihood of shortages during the grace period (lead time).

For the level of service from the reservation cycle, the greater the level of demand or grace period causes the more of the amount of the safety stock should be, so as to meet the desired service levels.

This Page be used for look a product that has reached the minimum threshold.


II. Maximum Inventory

For now our system still can't validation for maximum reorder point. So you can re-stock over maximum inventory


III. Bulk Operation via IMPORT CSV function


III. Display Inventory Pane In Dashboard Menu

1. Setup Menu - MoreMenu - Module Advanced Configuration - Dashboard


2. Click "Save" and Goto Dashboard Menu


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