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Minimum and Maximum Inventory Inventory is the lowest and highest limit to be used as a reference to ensure when you have to buy goods and how much minimum and maximum quantity that must be in your outlet.

I. How To Setup Minimum and Maximum Inventory

Step 1. Go to menu product - select variant 


Step 2. Select edit in detail variant


 Step 3. On variant editor - inventory - change the min max stock for each outlet >


II. Set Minimum dan Maximum Inventory Using CSV Format

Min_If the product you want to set the minimum and maximum in large quantities, we recommend using the Export and Import CSV file format by adding new fields Min_OutletName and Max_OutletName

Step 1. Export the product data 


Step 2. Open the exported file - then change the min max outlets in the CSV files. Save after finish


Step 3. Import back the file to product. activate the Inventory update to update inventory min max



-To show Inventory Update function you need to click on more option


III. How To See Report Minimum and Maximum Inventory

Go to Inventory Menu - Select reorder point (ROP)

Reorder points (ROP) are the limit / reorder points. A company uses ROP to find out when they have to reorder their product. This happens when the amount of inventory decreases, so it must be determined what is the minimum inventory level that must be considered so that there is no shortage of supply.


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