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The inventory menu you can view the smallest unit of a large stock unit.

Example :

Joggerpants has 2 variant (Pcs and Lusin), 1 Lusin contains 12 Pcs. In the UOM coloumn will be visible for 1 Lusin @12(containing 12 Pcs) and total Pcs. So that the Quantity*Content column will add up the total items in a Pcs.

This is step to show unit total quantity in column UOM :

Step 1. Multi-UOM Merging And Splitting The Products on Inventory Stock

To create a product with multi-UOM can follow this link .

Step 2. Setting Variant Info

Go to Product Menu and Click the variant large unit product.

Step 3. Click edit product variant.

Step 4. Content column filled with a ratio toward this product Jogger Pant (Lusin) to Pcs. 

Step 5. View result on inventory menu

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