Promotion Buy X Get Y or Buy 2 Get 1

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Promotion event by quantity is triggered by minimum quantity on the transaction, you can give discount or reward gift to your customer if they buy your product with required minimum transaction that you set before.

I. Adding Promotion By Quantity

Step 1. Go to promotion menu then click the promotion event tab and click  add button 

Step 2. Fill in promotion event form then click submit


Step 3. Promotion event by quantity successfully added

II. Use Promosi Event By Quantity

Step 1. Go to sell menu and input the product then press the Ok button

**** Buy 2 Cardigal (L) will get one Cardigan (L) free / Buy 2 get 1 free

Step 2. Select reward


**** Reward options will appear if you meet the specified minimum spending requirements

Step 3.  Click pay button to process transaction


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