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If you have a fruit or butcher shop. Our system now can connect your digital scaling to our system, which is when your customer weight their shopping amount and digital scaling create a barcode, the barcode now can be scanned directly at the checkout. So do not need to manually input it.


1.Go to the 'Setup' Menu. Then enter 'Module Configuration'



2. Then in 'Module configuration' go to the 'Sell' sub menu and scroll down until you find 'Digital Scale'




Digital Scale Configuration Function,


1. Digit :


In this digit field there are 2 configurations, namely by filling in the numbers 'zero' or '13' where if we fill with 0 then the digital scale will not be active or not read but if we enter 13 the digital scale will be active and will read the digital scale barcode .


2.Quantity Divider :

This is used as a division or calculation of commas in heavy quantities.


3.Regex(Regular Expression)

In this field we pay attention to 1 digit at the back of '(5)' to default on your system that number is 6 if you change to 5 then in the calculation of weight it will ignore 1 number behind the comma so that the calculation only reads 5 digit input only


3. So when you scan barcodes from your digital scale our system can read according to the quantity of the total weight from your digital scale.


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