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In this article it will explain how to delete all 'Outlet Price' that already assigned to an outlet. If you need to remove 'Outlet Price' and wanted to restore it to default price you need to follow this article.
I will explain step by step how to delete an 'Outlet Price' that already assigned.

Step 1. Check Assigned Outlet Price 

This is an example for outlet price that already assigned

step 2. Go to menu Tools->more menu-> Outlet Price->Delete

Step 3. In this page you need to select the Outlet and/or Category

If you want to delete all outlet price that has been assigned to an outlet you don't need to select the category just left it blanks, except i you want to delete outlet price for a specific category you

can select it.

After that click on 'Process' button.

Your outlet price will follow default price.

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