How To Import Selling Products Using CSV File

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This article explains how to import sales with a huge shopping list using CSV format.  You can directly import shopping list in bulk, usually used by telemarketing or online shopping, who want to add direct sales transactions through import CSV files.

To find out how to import sales, please follow the steps below :

I.How To Import sell using CSV File

Step 1. Input Transaction

Menu Sell - Choose Outlet - Input Product


Step 2. Import CSV File

Icon Upload - Download Sample File - Open Sample File


If you open the file then you will get the appropriate format, you only change the product code and the number of items based on the items you want to enter into the sale, you can also change the price of products that will be sold using this CSV.

Step 3.  Example Input CSV File

For Example , I will show you sample sales data :

Example 1 :


Example 2 :



Step 4. Upload CSV File

Icon Upload - Choose File - Ok


The system will display the results of import sales transaction data



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