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If you have added GoPay as one of your payment methods to the DealPOS application, then you can already use it on the Sell menu.


 I. How to make Transaction

Step 1. Go To Sell Menu - Input Transaction - Pay - Choose 'Gopay'

Do a sales transaction, then input and click the Pay button to process the transaction, select GoPay as the payment method.



Step 2. Scan QR Code

After Choosing Payment Method GoPay , the QR Code will appear, after that the customer can make a payment by scanning the QR code


 ** ** If the transaction has been paid with gopay but not yet auto complete (go to print preview), then you have to click Verify Payment button to verification.


Step 3. Review Payment

After being scanned and successful, the form of the mobile customer application will appear as follows.


Step 4. Payment Successful

When the customer has paid and is successful, a page like this will appear on the mobile customer application.


Step 5. Sell Complete

When the payment is successful, it will automatically be directed to the next page that showing the transaction is complete (Don't close or refresh the transaction if the payment process has not been completed. Sometimes the connection and response factors from Gopay affect the speed of the payment process).


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