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This article will explain you how to add new Categories for your product in dealPOS. It is useful for Category Sales report and Grouping. For more information you can follow this Article:

As you can see I have 3 categories name, there are: Dessert, Drinks, and Food. I want to add new categories named Additional Topping. This is how I add it.


I. Using Right Click

Step 1. Right Click on Home

Step 2. Select Create and then Fill your category name

after that press enter on your keyboard it should be created new Category name Additional Topping. 

Step 3. If you want to input it sub-categories simply just right click on category name you want to add sub category

II. Using Add New Button

Step 1. After i add additional topping i want to add Pasta Category and i'm using another way to add it by click add on top right corner button menu


Step 2. You will redirected to this pages.

Step 3. After you finish just click Submit

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