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This article explains how to add a list of products that you have directly in your browser using the spreadsheet format. With this feature, you can easily add products to your store directly. Here are the steps to learn how to insert a product using a spreadsheet function:

Step 1.  Menu Products - More Menu - Product Spreadsheet - New Product


Step 2. Product Add Spreadsheet

Click 'Add Row' to add a new row to input the product, 'Clear All Row' to delete all product data that is on the Product Add Spreadsheet and Save Products page to save the product data that has been added..


  • Category: You can input a category according to what you created or can enter a new category name which will be automatically created in a new category. Example: here I use an existing category called Dress.
  • Product: name of your product. Example: here I use the name Product Tees.
  • Variant: is a variation of your product if it has a different color or size but is still in the same product. Example: here I use 2 different types of variants based on size, namely Tees with Size M and XL.
  • Code: Barcode Code from the product, Ensure the Code Every product is different / unique our system will automatically generate print barcodes to scan based on the code you input on your product.
  • Supplier: To enter the name of the supplier on your product. This supplier field is used to enter the contact supplier that we have registered into contacts not for new creation.
  • UnitCost: to enter the Capital Price of the product you are going to sell. This UnitCost will also be used if you make a purchase to a supplier and as a calculation of profit margin
  • UnitPrice: to enter the Selling Price to the Customer of the product you are selling.
  • % Or Discount: used if you want to give a discount directly to the specific product you are going to sell later.
  • Inventory: You can enter the initial Stock of each Outlet on the product you want to input into your POS System. Example: here I enter the initial stock from Product Tees to outlet 1 with different Qty in each variant.

Step 3. Save Products

The products that you have added will be directly listed on your products menu



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