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Get API Token

Please follow this article for get API MailChimp from DealPOS Account.

1. Go to and login your username or password or you can sign up by click create an account

2. And after that, go to the menu profile 

3. Go to menu Extras - API Keys

4. Click on menu Create A Key and will show the API Key

5. Integrated the API Key,Prefix and List id in mailchimp to config API Token in DealPOS,

A. Prefix got from prefix in link mailchimp 

 B. Copy the API key in mailchimp to Dealpos Config in API Token

 C. Go to Lists - Create list - Click on your list - then setting - list name and defaults - after that copy the list id 

6. Go to Tools - more menu - sync contact with mailchimp

7. You have successfully sync contact dealPOS with mailchimp 

8. And you can also check in your mailchimp list


Note : Here's tutorial for create new list :

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