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To reduce the cheating possibility that can be done by the cashier/sales when selling the product especially when You had to receive product that You sold must be returned.

We provide the feature that help You to reduce cheating possibility using this Return Coupon to support your Store.

So, You Cashier can't access the Return Feature and need this coupon to access it.

How it Looks Like if You Don't Give the Return Feature


As You can see the Return Command is disabled so the Cashier need Return Coupon to enable it.

How to Issue the Coupon

1. Go to Promotion Menu - Click Generate - Choose the Randomly Generated


*there are 2 types of coupon that you can use, Manually Typed and Randomly Generated

1. Manually Typed is used if You want to issue the coupon using your desired coupon name

2. Randomly Generated is used if You want the coupon code/number is issued by the system

In this article We will guide you how to generate Return Coupon using Randomly Generated.

2. Choose the Return Box at the Coupon Types


3. Fill the total coupon, Usage Limit and Expired Date of the Coupon that You Desired


4. You can fill how much Coupon You Want at the More Option Menu


5. After You Fill all the data You want for the Coupon Click Generate Coupon


6. After You Click the Generate Coupon the Coupon is Ready to Use


7. After that tell the Cashier to click at the Coupon Button


8. Insert Coupon Number that You have generate


 9. Now Your Cashier can use the Return Command




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