How to set spesific customer for your pricebook

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If there are some customer that buy Your product for the purpose to re-sell it, You can give them Special Price which is lower than Your usual price.

We have the feature that make You easier when You want to give that price just enter the customer name and the price will adjust according to how much price You enter.


I. Create Pricebook for customer.

 Step 1. Go to Promotion Menu, Click Pricebook Tab and then click add



Step 2. Insert The Pricebook name, Minimum quantity to use this pricebook, outlet You want to use this Pricebook and the Variant You want to apply this Pricebook



 Step 3. In the Variant You can choose how much price You want to give when You activate this Pricebook or You can give discount in percentage, click Ok and then Click Save


Your Pricebook is ready to use and now You can go to the Contact MenuCustomer_Pricebook_6.jpg


 II. Assign Pricebook for customer in contact 

Step 1. In Contact Menu, You can choose who can get this Pricebook by clicking the name



Step 2. after you click the person's name, click edit button and then go to detail tab.



Step 3. Choose the pricebook that you have made and then click save



 III. Using Pricebook in Menu Sell

Step 1. Go to sell menu, insert the customer name and then choose the variant that can be used for this pricebook.



Step 2. Click at the item to see if your Pricebook is activated.


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