Install Printer Epson LX-310

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If your store is using the printing for 3 ply paper, Epson LX-310 is the perfect choice for you to use it

The article describe how to use printer LX-310.

Note : For this printer type you must use Mozilla Firefox for better printing result


Step 1 Download driver here

Step 2 Setup Paper Size and Quality

Go to Control Panel -> Devices and Printers -> Right Click on LX-310 -> Printing Preferences -> Advanced.


Step 3 Print in Mozilla Firefox


Step 4 If this is your first time print using LX-310 the preview will be slightly off from the paper


Step 5 Click at the Print and then change the printer to LX-310 after that click print again after that click cancel and then close the preview for the preview to be updated according to LX-310 preview


Step 6  The preview looks good and ready to print




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