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If in the process of adjustment or stock taking in business processes you need approval or prior approval you can follow the steps below to activate the configuration:

I. Configuration Adjusment With Approval

Step 1. Go to Setup Menu - More Menu - Module


Step 2. Adjusment - Workflow ' With Approval (In Progress/ Waiting for Review / Accepted ) - Save


In this configuration there will be 3 processes in adjusment or stock taking. that is :

No  Process Description
1. In Progress  Still in process adjusment / draft
2. Waiting for review  Still in process for review
3. Rejected/Accepted  Adjusment rejected or Accepted


II. Create Adjusment With Approval

After we have finished the configuration the next step is we will try to make an adjument with approval. The steps are as follows:

Step 1. Go to Adjusment Menu - New


Step 2. Input Inventory Adjusment Form - Process

Here we will input the form for adjusmet and choose CountOverWrite where the quantity of products in the inventory will change according to the quantity that we have entered in the adjusment form.


Step 3. Select Save As Draft / In Progress atau Submit For Review


Step 4. Inventory Adjustment Complete


Adjustments that you make will be immediately saved and appear in the Inventory Adjustment list in accordance with the status that has been selected.


the next step is the review process where you or your assigned staff can approve or cancel the adjustment or stock taking that has been made



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