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Customer data is customer information that you collect in the context of a first party, for example, information that you collect from sites, applications, physical stores, or other information that customers collect that is related to information directly to you. So you can see sales reports based on your customers / Top Customers.

There are many types of customer data, many common types of data are email addresses, first names, last names, telephone numbers, and country of residence. There are two steps to creating a New Customer:


I. Input New Customer From Contacts Menu

Step 1. Click Contacts - Add



Step 2. Input Data Form - Than Save

On this page you can fill out the contact customer or member registration form that you will register. You can adjust what information needs you want to input. There are several fields that must be filled in the customer registration form.



Step 3. After save you will see the customer has been appear in customer list



Step 4. Appearanche in sell menu



II. Input New Customer from sell page

Step 1.  in Sell Page  - Click on Icon (+)


Step 2. Complete the customer data form and 'OK'

Input the form than Click 'OK'



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