Product can be pay by Loyalty Point or Cash

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Payment type of product can be divided into 3 type:

1. Cash: product can be pay only by cash

2. Point: product can be pay only by point

3. Cash and Point: product can be pay by both


1. Enable Loyalty Point Configuration   

Follow Step 1 and 2 from this article 


2. In this case, how to pay by point.

Sometimes the store sell the product as gift to the customer. So, the customer must be collect the point first, to pay the gift by using the point.

3. Go to Setup -> More Menu -> Application -> Loyalty Tab


4. Go to Products -> Choose Variant's product -> Click Edit



 * Note : Set the price to mark the point which must exchange by customer

5. In Sell Menu, you can pay the product by point.



If you pay by cash, the transaction cannot be process.



Watch this tutorial video:

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