Purchasing a Prepaid Package

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A prepaid package is one type of product that is in the DealPOS system that is used for a type of business where the customer purchases a package containing points with a certain number of points requested when the customer performs treatment or checks in. Examples such as Salon / Treatment, Gym. To create a Prepaid Package product type, you can follow the following article : Creating Product with Prepaid Packages Type

Following are the steps to sell Prepaid Packages:

After you make a product with a prepaid package type, the next step is to make a sale.

Step 1. Go to Sell Menu  - Input Product - Pay


Step 2. Sell Complete



II. Check Packages Customer

Now we will try to see the package that has been purchased by the customer

Step 1.  Go to Contacts Menu - Select Customers


Step 2. Click Tab Package


Video Purchasing a Prepaid Package :

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