Assigning Employee Incentive for Every Treatment

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For some  services, the Operating Procedure is when the doctor/therapist do the service for the customer he/she will get the incentive based on everytime the customer spent the point to do the treatment with the doctor/therapist, here is the step to assign that incentive

1. You must assign the administrator for the treatment

You can follow the article here to assign the administrator

2. Make the treatment type to assign the incentive

You can follow the article here to make the treatment type

3. Go to Treatment - More Menu - T. Administrator

4. Click at the Doctor/Therapist Name or Add the new one - Go to Treatment Type - Click at the treatment you want to give the incentive or add the new one.

5. Insert the Incentive Point for everytime the customer do the treatment for 1 point

6. Make the treatment with the doctor/therapist you have assigned with that incentive

7. You can Check the incentive at the Treatment - Treatment - Doctor Statistic


Watch this tutorial video:

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