Import Products Images in Bulk Using CSV File

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If your product has a photo, besides you can enter the product manually, you can enter it by importing it by providing a hyperlink to your product photo

Step 1. Go to Setup menu --> More Menu --> Developer Configuration1.png


Step 2. Select Developer Configuration Menu --> Cloudinary --> Choose Cloudinary in the image type --> Click Save as following below:2.png

Step 3. Go to 'Products' and click on the 'Import' button on top right corner of the screen.Screenshot_1.jpg

Step 4. Download sample CSV File and adjust the contents with your products at the button of this page.1.png

Step 5. Input the product and Add a new column named "Image", fill in the column with the desired product image link. After that save the file using CSV file. 

Search and copy image address in Google Image and then put in ProductImageURL


Step 6. Upload your products at the button of this pageScreenshot_2.jpg*Make sure you also set the Inventory Options - Update to YES, if you are also importing Initial / Opening Inventory for your outlet.


If you see bad format in your CSV when you're trying to export product, please follow instruction below.
Control Panel - Clock, Language, and Region - Region

Step 7. Back to the product menu, search the product and see the result



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