Import Your Transaction from DealPOS to

Customer Support DEALPOS

Step 1. Go to Reports Menu - Export - more - 

Step 2. Open the resulting exported Sales Transaction using Excel Spreadsheet

We have populated these columns for you

 Column Name  Description
 *Customer  Filled with the customer you input during SELL
 Email  Filled with the email of customer when you select the customer during SELL
ShippingAddress  Fillled with Shipping Address during SELL 
 *InvoiceDate  Fillled with Invoice Date during SELL 
 *DueDate  Fillled with Due Date during SELL 
ShippingDate  Fillled with Shipping Date during SELL 
 *InvoiceNumber  Fillled with Invoice Number during SELL 
Memo  Fillled with Invoice Memo during SELL 
 *ProductName  Fillled with Product Name during SELL 
 *Quantity  Fillled with Quantity during SELL 
  *UnitPrice  Fillled with Unit Price during SELL 
  ProductDiscountRate(%)  Fillled with Product Discount Rate during SELL 
 InvoiceDiscountRate(%)  Fillled with Invoice Discount Rate during SELL 
 TaxName  Fillled with Tax Name during SELL 
 TaxRate(%)  Fillled with Tax Rate during SELL 
 #paid?(yes/no)  Yes = paid / no = unpaid
 #PaymentMethod (Example: Cash, Debit, Credit, etc)  Fillled with Payment Method during SELL 
WarehouseName  Fillled with Outlet/Warehouse Name during SELL 
 #currency code(example: IDR,USD,CAD)  Fillled with Currency code during SELL 

These are the columns you need to fill on your own

*PaidToAccountCode  According to the account code format in Jurnal


Import the CSV file to

Step 1. Go to Sales Menu - Import - Import Template From Jurnal

Step 2. Choose File - Sales Invoice - Choose your CSV - Proceed

If showing this image click Import

If All Transaction is valid click Button Import

Transaction Was Successfull update to Jurnal

Step 3. This is the result of import transaction from DealPOS to

Detail Transaction

Watch Video How to Import Your Transaction from DealPOS to

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