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This article describes how to make composite in composite.

If you want to sell a new package that includes composite products that are combined with a standard product then you can follow the steps below:

Example: Burger consists of 3 standard products, namely: 1 HAM, 1 Vegies and 1 Bread.

then the restaurant made a new package containing 2 burgers + 1 softdrink where the burger is a composite product and the new package made is also a composite product.

Step 1. You must make a Burger menu with composite type like the article in the following link and Soft Drink as standard types.



Step 2. Create Package 2 Burger + 1 Softdrink like how to make a composite type. then enter the configuration sub-menu on the menu.



Step 3. On the input configuration page, there are 2 burgers and 1 soft drink. then if the 2 burger + 1 package package is sold stock of burgers will be reduced by 2 and soft drinks 1



Video 'Making Composite Products in Composite'

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