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There are some times when you buy to supplier with a certain amount, and you using the shipping method from the supplier. but the supplier does not complete your shipment.
for example You buy Jeans with items 28 and 30  status  amount of 10 per each item. but, in the implementation the new supplier sends 5 of each product to you (pending shipment status). then the supplier cannot send the rest of your items because the stock is empty. so that our order status is not pending, then we can complete the shipment so that the items we receive are only 5 of each product.

You can do the following steps:

I. Configure the Partial Purchase Order.

Step 1. Setup - More menu - Module Configuration - Delivery - Choose 'Yes'  Close Partial Purchase Order Delivery - Save



II. Make Purchase Transactions.

Step 1. Choose Menu Buy - select items to buy - choose shipping by Delivery




Step 2 After Making a Purchase, we will receive goods sent from suppliers.

Choose Menu Order - Supplier Bill - Select the purchase invoice number - Receive




Step 3. Select Receive - fill in the items we have received from the supplier - Save




Note : total purchases made 10 items in each product and then you receive 5 items from each product. the statement to your supplier bill is to be partial

The supplier then tells you that they cannot make the remaining deliveries. then all you have to do is adjust the items you receive with the system to fit.


Step 4. Select Order Menu - supplier bill - Select the number of invoice to be changed (partial status)



Step 5. To complete the invoice, all you have to do is select the Adjust as Delivered button



Step 6. Then the invoice number will automatically complete and adjust items with the systemhasil.png

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