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To make you easier to track what is the product that you have inside our system, we provide you with export button to export the product data to CSV file, so that you can check the product from your excel and you can add and import new product from there too.
We have various export information for the product, you can choose which type of information you want to see, here we will explain about the type of information you will get from each export.

Step1. Select Drag Down Button beside the Export Button on product menu

Description Index

Type of export Description
Export With Outlet Price information about the each outlet product cost and price if you have a some
Export with Components  if you use composite and manufactured type of product so you can see each components in the product
Export With Pricebook  information about the pricebook price you apply for each product
Export with Parent information if you use multipleUOM type of product so you can see the parent and child of the product
Export with Inventory information about how much inventory that available in our system
Export with Serial information if you want to see the standard and serialized type of product with complete information of the cost and price
Export with Serial / Row  if you only want to see serialized type of product without cost and price
Export with tags information about all of your product with the tags if you fill the tags field
Export with Commission  information about all of your product complete with the commission you assign to it if your sales person sold it
Export with Min&Max Inventory information about the minimum and maximum inventory of your product if you already input it when you add the products
Export With Prepaid information about data with Prepaid product type
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