Kitchen Display System Configuration

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This article want explain use  process  Kitchen Display System "KDS", it is operational part kitchen for ease chef remember, what should be serve ?

Setting Kitchen Display

Go to Setup Menu - More Menu - Module - Monitor


Monitor Type

 No.  Monitor Type  Description
 1.  Parked  Using the park feature, to appear to the monitor
 2.  All  All sales will be displayed on the monitor


Kitchen Display Flow

 No.  Kitchen Display Flow  Description
 1.  WPC (Waiting - Preparing  - Complete)  This flow used when you want the kitchen to report the progress of the order when it's still on process of cooking
 2.  WC (Waiting - Complete)  This flow used if you don't need to know the status of the order when it's still on process


Monitor Complete Count 

Displays the number of park orders.

Exclude Passed Orders


 No.  Exclude Passed Order  Description
 1.  No  If the unfinished order will be displayed until the next day.
 2.  Yes  If the unfinished order will be deleted in the next day.


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