Consignment Process To Several Shops or Market Place

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Introduction: Consignment is a form of sales cooperation carried out by the owner of goods / products with suppliers (stores). Where the product owner will leave the goods to the dealer to be sold in his shop.

The steps for consignment process to several shops or market place as following below:

I. Adding Outlet Consignment and Move Stock to Outlet Consignment

Step 1. Choose Menu Outlet - Add

Step 2. Choose Menu Delivery - Outlet Delivery - New 

To make shipments from producers to consignment stores

Step 3. Select the destination of shipping goods 

Gudang (Goods delivery place) - Toko Pluit (destination goods)

Step 4. You will have data on shipping goods to the consignment outlet

Step 5. Inventory that is in the Toko Pluit

II. Make a Transaction in Outlet Consigment

Step 1. Choose Menu Sell - choose Outlet

Step 2. New Transaction - Pay

Step 3. So when there is a transaction in the Toko Pluit then the inventory will decrease.

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