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This article will explain you about how to create promotion product using CSV file. This article is for you who want to create bulk promotion product. 

In this article we will inform you how to choose product by category with specific discount period. 


Step 1 : Go to Product Menu -> Export products that you want to give discounts

Step 2 : Go to Promotion Menu -> Promotion 

Step 3 : Click Add button in the top right corner 

Step 4 : In the Promotion Form, choose Type of Promotion to "Product" and click Import button 

Step 5 : Click Download Sample File

Step 6 : Open the sample file that have downloaded before 


Step 7 : Open product file and filter product by category as following picture below:

Unchecklist the category that you won't to choose

Step 8 : Copy and paste data product from product file to sample file  

Copy data of product,variant,code,unit cost and unit Price to Sample file (Promotion_DealPOS.csv)

Step 9 : Sample file (Promotion_DealPOS.csv) 

Paste data from product file to sample file and save it.

- PriceDiscount colomn is percentage of price discount that will you give
- CostDiscount colomn is for percentage of cost discount that will you give

Step 10 : Import file 

After you paste data from product file to sample file and save it, you can import the file with click Import button in the top right corner and after that click OK.

Step 11 : Fill Promotion Name, and also Promotion Period(optional). After that click Submit button 

You can set promotion period. For example start date in 1st Dec 2018 and expired date in 31th Dec 2018.  

Step 12 : Selling items in the Sell menu  

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