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Every product that you input into the system must have at least one variant. For example in the product list below shows one product that is "Milk Tea" where the product does not have variants and of course the product will not be able to sell on the sell menu. By using the features on the Tools menu you don't need to check or delete them one by one.


In the following article we will explain the steps to check and eliminate products that do not have variants.

Step 1. Go to Tools Menu - Product With No Variant


Step 2. Select Product - Delete

After you click the Product With No Variant tab, the DealPOS web page will display products that don't have variants. You can delete the product by checking the deleted product then pressing the delete button.


Step 3. Delete Successful

If the delete process is successful a "Succes" notification will appear in the lower right corner and the product will disappear on the web page.


Or you can confirm it back on the Product menu page by checking manually or by searching for the product.



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