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If you are a service provider in the field of salon or spa, of course in each of your hairstyles you use complementary components for the prepaid packages that you do such as shampoo, soap or other products.

In this article explain how you add Components products to your type of prepaid packages.

Step 1. Enter the Products Menu - "Click" on the Product Variant then edit



Step 2. On the edit page, go to the "Sub Menu" Configuration then "Click" on the Add Components button



Step 3. Enter the Products that you will make supporting components for the Prepaid Packages products and the quantity that will be used. for example I have enter shampoo and conditioner then "Click" Submit


Step 4. Then do the sales and check in as usual on the product you have configured.


Step 5. then enter the patient's condition page and checkout. on the sub menu enter into the "Sub Menu" Component then you can see the supporting components that you previously configured automatically called or used in the prepaid packages



Step 6. If you need additional components in the care product you are doing, you can add it manually by entering the product name and quantity of the additional components


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