How to set how many decimal digits in Inventory (Max. 4 Digits)

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If you want to display several decimals when displaying the  quantity on your product you can follow the method below. In this case i have product named 'Silk' i have 50.25 M. I don't think i only have exact 50.25 M. I wanna check it, so i need to do this:

Step 1 : Check your product at Products - Product Variant


Step 2 : Menu Setup - More Menu - Module Configuration - Inventory - Display


In this case i changed to 4 so i get longer decimal behind the comma. And then i click save

Then the results that will be obtained are as shown below. You should see the differences between 2 and 4. 2 mean you wanted to get last 2 number from decimal and 4 mean you want to get 4 number from decimal if you do not wanted to show the decimal simply change it to 0.


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