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In this article, it will explain step by step how to sending transaction receipt from outlet by email to your customer and getting your customer database, with this feature you can analyst who came and buy a product in your shop frequently.

From here you can see directly feedback from customer in real time, because when your customer receive a receipt by email, they can immediately give a feedback to you.


I. Create a new Sales Transaction

Step 1. Go to 'Sell' menu and create a new transaction


Step 2. After create new transaction you must input customer's email, and then click send receipt


Step 3. You will get a successful notification


II. Check your email

Step 1. Your customer will receive an email like this:


Step 2. Choose your feedback:

You can choose and click either sad or smile emoticon.


Step 3. After you choose, it will ask your comments about the product(you can also upload some images)


and then click submit button.

Step 4. After you input your comment this page will show up


III. Checking Customers Feedback

Step 1. Now choose 'Contacts' and then click 'Comment' tab


Step 2. You can see all of your customers feedback here



Watch Video For Customer Feedback below:


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