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you can use this function when you want to change cost of product using delivery between outlets. this changes will affects to outlet price from outlet destination. This setup will make you easily arrange the outlet price. To activate this setup you need to follow a config below.

1. Go to 'Setup' menu , click Sub Menu and find 'Module' on the right corner of the setup page.


2. Than click 'Buy' in 'Module Advance Configuration' and check the 'COGS Advance'. Changes 'Calculation per outlet' and 'COGS update on delivery' to yes, than save.


3. After you have success save Module Configuration check 'Instant Outlet to Outlet Delivery' in Application Configuration -> Delivery and find 'Instant Outlet to Outlet Delivery' and Change from 'Instan' to '2 Step' / '3 Step' (you only can use 3 Step or 2 Step for this function)



4. After finish the setup, now you can check by making new delivery Go to  Delivery - > New.


5. Choose 'Outlet' or 'Warehouse' to Sent product.


6. Than you can choose outlet destination and Courier information.


7. Input product you want to sent and click 'Process'.


8. After success you will get Invoice delivery number, you can check the detail by click the number or you can just go to delivery menu.


9. Now your outlet delivery is on process from Outlet 1 to Outlet 3, the item you sent from Outlet1 inventory will reduce but the item you sent to Outlet 3 not Increase yet before you click the 'Receive Delivery'.


10. After that now you can see Outlet Price has been appear in the item you have sent.


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