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You can view the appointment schedule from your customer by displaying the Google Calendar on the treatment page. This Google calendar can be assigned to each different outlet

1. Create my Calender

if you have several outlets, you can separate them by making some calenders. Go to  and click setting, after that fill the new calendar form

2. How to integrate each of my calendar to an outlet

Click Outlet 1 and go down and copy the integrate calendar in public URL


3. Create Event in google calender

First create your event, e.g Ari - kick boxing on tuesday march 5 8:00-9:00





4. How to Integrate to sistem dealpos

For setting on dealpos, go to outlets - choose outlet 1 - configuration - scroll down and check on google calender - in embed code paste the code that you has been copy


After that go to treatment menu - calender - choose outlet1

5. How to view the schedule on google calendar

and now you can see the event that you have created on Google Calendar

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