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We have 3 types to display orders on the Kitchen Display System, including: Groups in order of time of entry, Groups with Tables, and Groups with Products. If you have not activated your Kitchen Display System, you may go to this article.
This is how you sort your order by 3 different orders

Step 1 :  Group Order by Entry time

First go to sales and assign a table so it can be displayed on Monitor.

Here is an example for parked order:

In this example i assign a table for table 1, 2, and 3. 

It will Group the order by the entry time, you can select it by clicking it on clock icon on top right corner.

Step 2 : Group order by TABLE

For Group order by table you can simply click it on fork and spoon icon on top right corner.

your kitchen display system will show the menu per tables.

Step 3 : Group by Product

For group order by Product you can just simply click on mug icon on top right corner.

It will group the order by product that you input first to last 

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