Assigning Custom Loyalty Point for a specific product using Prepaid Point

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This article will explain how you can enter special loyalty points for one of the products that you sell using a prepaid package.



Step 1: Enter Setup - More Menu - Select Configuration Application



Step 2: Then enter the Loyalty Sub Menu, then change the Earn Point Amounth to '0'. On the Redeem Point Value you can determine the Nominal Price / Nominal Discount in the use of 1 Point.


Example: I make 1 loyalty worth a discount of 500rupiah


Step 3: Go to the Product page, then create a product with type 'PrepaidPoint' Then enter the number of points you get and then Submit



Step 4: After that enter into a special product - Edit



Step 5: Then Move to Configuration - In the Component input Product prepaid package that we previously created and submitted



Step 6: In the Outlet Menu you need to activate the loyalty system so that your prepaid package points can be used



II.How to Use

Step 1. In the Sell menu enter the customer's name - when you select the sale of a special product beforehand it will automatically call the Prepaid Package that you have set before



Step 2: On the next sale if you do have customer data that has already made a purchase of a special product before then the loyalty point will automatically be filled



Step 3. When purchasing the next loyalty can be used as a form of cashback in accordance with the nominal point settings that you have specified previously



1. Prepaid / Cashback packages can be used for any transaction not exclusive to specific products only

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