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Associated with implementing the Quick Response Code Standardization (QR Indonesia Standard, or "QRIS") we would like to inform you 2 things:


 I. MDR ( Merchant Discount Rate ) Change

After activating the QRIS in the DealPOS system, there will be an MDR change given by Gopay which was previously 2% to be as follows:

Merchant Type Category % MDR
Regular   0.7%
Special Education 0.6%
Special Refueling station 0.4%


II. QRIS Terms and Conditions

The following are the QRIS terms and conditions, the terms and conditions are not fixed and may change according to the regulations of each E-Wallet.

1. Payment

  • QRIS Gopay can accept payments from OVO, Dana, LinkAja, etc. by scanning QRIS with the selected payment application
  • If you use OVO: minimum payment 1,000 rupiah and cannot use OVO Point
  • If you use Dana: minimum payment 1 rupiah

2. Pay Out

  • There is no changes in Pay Out, the transaction nominal will be transferred to your account H+1 if it reaches a minimum of 250,000 rupiah

3. Cashback

  • Currently if you pay through the OVO application, Dana, Linkaja, etc. will not get cashback
  • If you use Gopay, you will get / not get cashback according to the applicable regulations from Gopay




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