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TADA is one of the famous loyalty apps system in Indonesia, so we had a collaboration with TADA to build an integration between DealPos and TADA. With this collaboration hopefully will make user experience from your company is more easier when using Dealpos and TADA. This article will help you step by step to integrate your DealPos account with TADA loyalty system. 

I. Setup TADA Point Configuration

Step 1. Activated Loyalty Point

You can enable loyalty point system on your outlet from outlet menu with follow this step: 
Open outlet menu - click on your chosen outlet - click yes on enable loyalty point box. 


Step 2. Earn Point, Reward Point, Expired Month setup and change loyalty label

Open setup menu - more menu - click on application configuration - loyalty

 Configuration Note  
  Earn Point Set amount transaction to get one point  
  Redeem Point point to be used to get discount for one unit amount 
  Expired Month set expiration for loyalty 
  Label  rename default label's name of loyalty

Note: if your loyalty point integrated with TADA, you need set earn point and redeem point on "0" (zero), because loyalty calculation for your transaction its directed by TADA system. 


II. Setup DealPos and TADA integration

To integrating your DealPos loyalty point system with TADA, you can follow the step bellow: 

1. Open Setup Menu - More Menu - Webhook Configuration - External Loyalty


2. Copy this following Url to Order Complete and FetchMemberPoint Colomn :

  Order Complete   https://pos-loyalty- middleware.azurewebsites.net/api/tada/OnOrderComplete
  Fetch Member Point   https://pos-loyalty-middleware.azurewebsites.net/api/tada/FetchData


3. Open Tab Configuration and fill in header form with this format


 Header  account:(your DealPos url), for example: account:example.dealpos.net

If you need help or have some question about integrating DealPos with TADA, you can contact DealPos Support service.  

4. After finish configuring the integration, you need contact TADA customer service to register your outlet. 

III How to use TADA Point System

After your DealPos loyalty system have been integrated with TADA, it will be implemented in every your selling activity. to use TADA system, you need to register new customer to your system. to add new customer you can read "add new customer" article 

Step 1. Add New Customer

a. After fill in the form, customer will receive short message from TADA

b. Your customer must download TADA application to use the point.

c. after download TADA application, open the application and point have been added automatically.


TADA Message  TADA Application UI
Screenshot_20200217-103403_Messages.jpg Screenshot_20200217-103225_TADA.jpg


Step 2. Earn Point From The Transaction

To earn the point, customer just need to make any transaction and point will add automatically  to customer's TADA account. Customer can see transaction history and point earned from Transaction History menu on TADA application.


Step 3 Using Point

To use TADA point, customer can redeem customer TADA Point with shopping voucher or discount voucher on TADA application


Redeem menu on dashboard TADA Voucher 
MicrosoftTeams-image__4_.png MicrosoftTeams-image__3_.png


If you setup to allow customer to redeem the point directly on your POS, you just need click loyalty badge on sell menu and input point amount that your customer want redeem.  



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