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When you running Sell menu in offline mode, you cannot use all sell menu features. its because there's have been some tools cannot work without internet. both on web version and mobile version, Offline mode doesn't have any different feature. this article will explain all feature that available and not available on DealPos Offline mode. You can check the table bellow for full details.


Sell Menu Features 
Features Online Mode Offline Mode
  Normal transaction Available  Available 
  Select sales person Available  Not Available 
  Select customer Available  Not Available 
  Add new customer Available  Not Available 
  Print invoice Available  Available 
  Add customer data on print invoice Available  Not Available 
  Modify transaction dates Available  Available 
  Park and Retrieve features Available  Not Available 
  Add bill and unpaid features Available  Not Available 
  Set discount  Available  Available 
  Add tax  Available  Available 
  Delivery features Available  Available 
  Add transaction note Available  Available 
  Clear item on transaction screen Available  Available 
  Upload product item Available  Not Available 
  Return transaction Available  Not Available 
  Add coupon and promotion  Available  Not Available 



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