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to do all transaction first you need to input your master product into product menu. 

follow this steps to input your product. 

I. Input

Step 1. Select add button on product menu

Step 2. fill the name and other properties on form as follows then submit

single product


Single product with Multiple variant

Note :

- when you type multiple variant name in text box it should separated by comma "," then press enter sample :       Red,Green,Blue then select Add.

- you can add variant code and set price by double clicking the variant.

II. Properties

Product properties index 

Column name Function  Data Type Sample
  Name    Add product name  String   Polo Sport
  Code   Add product code  number   2020
  Category   set or add category  string   Top/Men
  Image   add Picture to product  image url  image1.jpg
  Cost   add unit cost to product  number  50000
  Price   Add unit price to product  number  100000
  Single   select to set product with single variant  option   Single
  multiple   select to set Multiple variant  option   Multiple
  Type   Select to set type product  option   Standard
  Supplier   Add supplier info  string   PoloFactory
  Brand   Set or Add new brand  option   Polo
  Tags   Set tags to product  string   "Men"
  UOM    select the unit measurement of product  option   Pcs
  Inventory   add quantity product to inventory  string   10
  Minimum   set minimum quantity to the product  number   10
  maximum   set maximum quantity to the product  number   100
  Storage   Set product location info   string   Warehouse
  Release date   set release date product  date   6-04-2020
  Discontinued   Discontinued / Activated product  option   yes/no
  Description   set Description to the product  string   "Men collection"


Variant properties index 

Column Name  Function  Data Type Sample
  Name    Add variant name  string   Red
  Code   Add variant code  number   2077
  Cost   add unit cost to variant  number   50000
  Price   Add unit price to variant  number   100000
  Type   Select to set type variant  option   Standard
  Payment type    set payment type to variant  option   Cash
  UOM    set the unit measurement of variant  option   PCS
  Inventory   add quantity variant to inventory  number   10
  Loyalty point Enabled   select yes/no to active or nonactive loyalty point  option   Yes/no
  Taxable   select yes/no to active or nonactive Tax  option   Yes/No
  Discontinued   Discontinued / Activated variant  option   yes/No
  Description   set Description to the variant  option  "Men Fashianable"



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